Carl Tanner Designs began in September of 2016. While performing the Opera Otello in Hong Kong in September Carl was asked by a colleague if he could custom make a pearl ring for his friends anniversary which was only a few days away. Carl likes a good challenge and so he ventured out to find a jewelry studio who would rent him space by the day. Carl not only found such studio space but also started a successful relationship with several pearl, gem and precious metal dealers in the area. Once Carl returned back home in October that year, he decided to bring aboard several business friends to build a website showcasing the designs he has created over the past thirty or so years. 
Carl's interest in Jewelry making began when he was in his teens, taking several courses in simple jewelry fabrication and repair at the local community center.  Later, in his college years, he learned the advanced craft of jewelry manufacturing and became an accomplished antique jewelry reproductionist. Over the past thirty or so years he has created Jewelry for movie stars, opera stars, business executives and private people alike. Carl has created pieces that range in price from twenty-five dollars to forty thousand dollars. He mostly works in fine Sterling Silver, Gold and Platinum.  This website primarily features our fine Sterling Line.

Carl has worn many career hats throughout the years. Currently Carl is traveling as one of the world's most sought after operatic Tenors. In 2017 Carl will tread the stages in the US, South Korea and Mexico just to name a few. Carl's past careers include successful stints as a big rig truck driver and a badass bounty hunter kicking doors down and actually taking prisoners. To finish the story about Carl's colleague who asked him to make a custom pearl ring, said ring is our stunning Opera in Tahiti.

Please enjoy the store for all the unique pieces we have to offer. If you view one of our designs that you would like in a different metal (14k, 18k gold or platinum) and/or with natural gemstones we of course can facilitate your needs. 


If you have any questions do not hesitate to email and we will reply to you shortly.